3 Best Ways to Digitise your Food Business

If your restaurant is the heart of your organisation, then your supply chain is the veins and arteries.

Thonny Tra

1/1/20222 min read

What will our future look like in the digital age? Shall we become more fulfilled and enjoy prosperous lives? Or become more disconnected? One argument claims that we will live longer, better, and healthier :)!The digital age is the information age, which acted as a step towards providing the ability to transfer information freely and quickly. Our generation and the next will be born truly digitally native known as the "TikTok age".

It's time; food businesses take the initiative to add value to their business and increase customer retention by easily adopting these key pointers to set up a digital business and join the digital food age.

How...Set your digital transformation budget.

Digital transformation projects require investment in time and money before cost-saving, revenue growth, or productivity improvements goals are set.You need to identify a relevant project, who has authority over the money, create a business case, estimate the value of going digital and measure your business success before and after transformation to evaluate your growth. At valleyHub, we have done it all for you. Join as a partner to access our free plans and flexible payment plans (you can opt-in, and out anytime you want).

Understand what processes in your supply chain to automate

If your restaurant is the heart of your organisation, then your supply chain is the veins and arteries. Your operational efficiency depends on everything being connected to deliver a reliable service. Digitising your supply chain can enable your restaurant to order and deliver your products online, receive online payments and feedback from your customers, document your sales, and track your customer’s details.Using Valley Hub Ltd product (Foodbar) will bring to your restaurant an innovative solution of providing a Cloud-Based Ordering System for your restaurant with multi-chain Shops where you will be able to control online orders and deliveries, keep track of your inventory, manage your logistics & analyse your daily sales performance & forecast your annual revenue.

Set your Marketing Goals

Having your marketing goals ready and well-defined will help you raise brand awareness for your restaurant, generate high-quality leads, grow and maintain, and increase customer value.Setting up your marketing goals for your restaurant will provide you with a way to measure progress for your business and improve your business outreach.The benefit of using Foodbar (Valley Hub Ltd) for your restaurant brings you to a different level for your business by entering the sector of the Digital Economy and experiencing the outcome of this value addition to your restaurant.

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